Tale of Two Doggies

I have two dogs. Scooter is a wonderful older gentleman, a Welsh Terrier, with manners from the old country. He doesn’t say much, but has great expressive ears and eyebrows that tell us what interests him and what disturbs him. He’s quite domesticated. Some of you are his fans on facebook, because he is soContinue reading “Tale of Two Doggies”

Aging in the Kingdom

Growing older, reaching an age that is considered “senior,” can be quite disconcerting, and it feels like it is closing in on me. What could long be denied through the magical, invincibility delusions of youth become inescapably real. Aches and pains, dyspepsia, insomnia, memory failures, etc.—these are symptoms not entirely unique to older individuals, butContinue reading “Aging in the Kingdom”

God-Promotion or Self-Promotion

We live in a culture that tells us that we must sell and promote ourselves in order to achieve success. We must find the right social identity, message, product, or service, and then fight for “airtime” in the vast and very noisy public arena. Social media reinforces this greatly. When we see someone who seemsContinue reading “God-Promotion or Self-Promotion”

The Beautiful Law of Gleaning

Many Christian believers find aspects of the Law of Moses found in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) unjust, archaic, or just plain baffling. This is because it is nearly impossible to contextualize some of the laws found there to our modern lives and beliefs. For instance, the laws regarding ritual purification,Continue reading “The Beautiful Law of Gleaning”

It’s a Lonely Road Sometimes

Recently I was talking and praying with a young woman who comes from a ministry and missionary family, and is a missionary herself. We spoke of the experience of being misunderstood and rejected because of our faith. This can cause a feeling of loneliness, and may tempt us to keep quiet and inconspicuous to avoidContinue reading “It’s a Lonely Road Sometimes”