Danger and Opportunity

In Chinese, the character for the concept of “crisis” is a combination of “danger” and “opportunity.” Where there is danger to physical or psychological safety, there is also an opportunity to respond. A crisis requires some sort of response. Many parts of the world are experiencing major crises these days. Earthquakes and tsunamis, hurricanes andContinue reading “Danger and Opportunity”

Grace and the Thorn

Recently I was involved in a deep conversation with a small group of women friends. We were each sharing current life circumstances that bring on the temptation to be afraid. Many of these surrounded family relationships. There was an adoption story, a foster mothering story, marriage stories, toddler stories, and stories of adult children whoContinue reading “Grace and the Thorn”

Another Take on Complementarianism

In 2017, as I was completing my seminary degree, my penultimate class was a residency in pastoral theology. My professor was an esteemed evangelical pastor, scholar, author, and educator. As we began discussing pertinent theological issues in the life of the contemporary church, I quickly realized that I strongly disagreed with a few of hisContinue reading “Another Take on Complementarianism”

Saying and/or Doing

Jesus was often confronted by religious leaders about his origins, his doctrine, or his allegiance to rabbinic traditions. On one such occasion, he was asked about the source of the power he manifested in healing diseases and delivering from demons. He tilted the conversation back to their faithlessness and hypocrisy with a hypothetical scenario involvingContinue reading “Saying and/or Doing”