The Assumption of Good Will

Sometimes the people in our lives behave in confusing or offensive ways. Over the lifespan, each of us develops explanatory models to assist us in understanding our own and others’ behavior. These models are highly subject to error. One of these is what social psychologists label “fundamental attribution error.” This means that when someone behavesContinue reading “The Assumption of Good Will”

Tale of Two Doggies, Part 2: The People Whisperer

In a recent post, I shared some things I had learned from my dogs about submission to God’s leadership. Since then, some new developments with Scooter and Maggie have served to amplify those revelations and inspire further insight. On one of our morning walks, I let both dogs off leash to wander and exercise inContinue reading “Tale of Two Doggies, Part 2: The People Whisperer”