Praise as Ascent

Having been a praise and worship leader for many years, I have been motivated to study the Bible’s exhortations about bringing praises to God. To comprehend the attitude of heart that God seeks in his worshippers, I seem to come back consistently to the imagery of pilgrimage, ascent, and bowing down in the presence ofContinue reading “Praise as Ascent”

How Did Joseph Get So Smart?

Paul admonishes and exhorts the Corinthians about a great many things in his two epistles to them. Beginning his first letter is a lengthy discourse on the wisdom and power of God, contrasting them with man’s words and “the wisdom of this world.” As I read these passages this morning, I began thinking about Joseph,Continue reading “How Did Joseph Get So Smart?”

Devotion and Distraction

We live in a time and a culture of distraction. This is so much the case that there are now signs on the highways reminding drivers to avoid driving while distracted. This usually refers to texting on cell phones, but they could add eating a burrito, changing your clothes, applying mascara, disciplining your kids inContinue reading “Devotion and Distraction”

Be Reconciled!

Paul taught in his second letter to the Corinthians that Christ-followers have been given a “word of reconciliation” and a “ministry of reconciliation.” I am going to attempt to present my understanding of these concepts, as well as some application. I offer this caveat: As with other deep theological truths, there is great mystery here,Continue reading “Be Reconciled!”

Choosing and Being Chosen

Recently I have been reflecting on how people make the choice to become Christ-followers. What I have remembered through my study is that we are chosen before we choose. I am not a staunch Calvinist by any means. I believe that all men and women are free to choose their respective paths in life, andContinue reading “Choosing and Being Chosen”