Identity Politics Don’t Work in the Kingdom of God

I haven’t been watching a lot of news lately. I find it necessary and infinitely more beneficial to keep my focus on Scripture, worship, work, and what I sense the Spirit is saying each day. Even so, none of us can escape the reality that the political and social landscape is not pretty. That’s anContinue reading “Identity Politics Don’t Work in the Kingdom of God”

Keeping My First Love

Some believers have a story of Jesus suddenly crashing into their lives and changing everything in an instant. They have a “new birth” day that they recognize each year, the day when the light dawned, and their entire consciousness was altered. Others have a story of a more gradual awakening to truth through the hearingContinue reading “Keeping My First Love”

Listening as an Act of Love

As a counselor educator and supervisor, I have often had occasion to train new lay and professional counselors in the art of listening. I consider this the most important intervention in therapy when helping individuals and couples heal fractured relationships—to train them to truly listen to others in a constructive and loving way. Many peopleContinue reading “Listening as an Act of Love”

Why I Go to Church

This is a topic I’ve been giving some thought to recently. It probably will strike you as self-evident that Christians typically go to church. It is expected. When I ask new clients about their faith or their spiritual journey, they will often respond with, “I go to church at….” Alternatively, they will say, “Well, I’mContinue reading “Why I Go to Church”

A New Year’s Look at Perfectionism

There are many topics I am excited to explore and write about this year. In fact, they’ve started to stack up in the storage closet of my mind. I was pondering which of them to choose for my first blog post of 2019, and Holy Spirit took me in another direction. I shall not resist.Continue reading “A New Year’s Look at Perfectionism”