Astonished by Belief and by Unbelief

There were a few occasions when Jesus was amazed and moved by a person’s faith. The centurion with a sick servant is one example. The woman who’d touched the hem of his robe and received her healing is another, and the foreign woman who asked him to heal her child from the “crumbs from theContinue reading “Astonished by Belief and by Unbelief”

“Let Him Now Come Down from the Cross”

This title comes from the account of Jesus hanging on the cross.  The Roman soldiers were mocking him, and the Jewish leaders decided to chime in. In the Passion translation, their full sarcasm reads: “He saved others, but he can’t even save himself! Israel’s king, is he? He should pull out the nails and comeContinue reading ““Let Him Now Come Down from the Cross””