Things That Made Jesus Mad (and still do)

Jesus was a remarkably patient man—perfectly patient you might say—because he was perfect in every way. He was especially patient and kind toward those who were slow to understand or had any form of incapacity. He explained things repeatedly, he told stories, he gave illustrations, as we do with children when we are teaching andContinue reading “Things That Made Jesus Mad (and still do)”

The Parts and the Whole

While on my recent trip to the Eastern Sierras in California, I noticed a very interesting thing. I was hiking in one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen—so pretty that it hardly seemed real, more like a painting. My eyes kept looking out at the panorama of charcoal-colored mountains painted with streaks of springContinue reading “The Parts and the Whole”

Looking for Signs

We rely on signs often for various reasons. They point us in the right direction. They warn or guide. They help to keep the intersections of our complex lives and civilizations in order. The Bible is full of signs—signs in nature, signs of God’s blessing, signs of judgment, signs of the kingdom of God, signsContinue reading “Looking for Signs”

Accommodation for Receiving Christ

As I read through gospel accounts of the ministry of Jesus, I can’t help but notice how ignorant, spiritually immature and emotionally unstable his disciples often were! They were all over the place in their reactions to what they saw Jesus doing and what they heard him teaching. They exhibited on different occasions behavioral manifestationsContinue reading “Accommodation for Receiving Christ”