The Influence of a Life

“The honor of man is short-lived and fleeting. There’s so little difference between man and beast, for both will one day perish. Such is the path of foolish men and those who quote everything they say, for they are here today and gone tomorrow!” (Ps. 49:12-13, TPT) This Psalm caused me to remember and reflectContinue reading “The Influence of a Life”

Hannah, Her Husband, and Her Priest

It happens so often these days that when I read a narrative in the Old Testament or the Gospels or Acts, some detail or dynamic I had never considered before jumps right off the page. This time it happened in the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1. Usually we only focus on Hannah’s grief,Continue reading “Hannah, Her Husband, and Her Priest”

Confession and the Pure in Heart

I’m so grateful that God gave us a way to stay forgiven, clean, pure, and righteous. It’s called confession. It’s ironic that what often causes the most trouble in our lives and relationships also serves as the mechanism for healing and release. It is the words we speak, our confession to God and to thoseContinue reading “Confession and the Pure in Heart”


I’m reading through the Psalms this summer, as I’m apt to do. There’s no wrong time to read the Psalms, but somehow summertime feels like an especially good time for Psalms. Some of the earlier Psalms focus on justice versus injustice, integrity versus deceit, moral depravity versus purity and blamelessness. These are among the manyContinue reading “Blameless”