The Power of “So”

So…I have come upon a theme in Acts that should bring strong motivation and encouragement to those engaged in Christ’s mission to make disciples. It is the little word “so.” This word, when used as a conjunction, is defined “for this reason.”  For example, “We were running out of toilet paper, so I went toContinue reading “The Power of “So””


I’m reading the book of Acts these days, amazed and impressed once again by the intensity, boldness, and courage of those first disciples. What if they had not answered the call of God? Thankfully they did, and we have a worldwide church because of their faithful obedience to the Spirit of God. The church, withContinue reading “Watch!”

Fear to Boldness

I came to faith in Christ when I was a twenty-something fledgling musician and undergraduate in New York City. When I ventured out, I would sling my guitar over the shoulder of my thrift shop wool coat, throw a dashing fedora on my head, and act as tough as a five-foot-tall white girl can actContinue reading “Fear to Boldness”

Asking the Right Questions

Jesus was brilliant. Even from the young age of 12, he debated with his elders in the religious establishment and astonished them with his answers, and with his questions. A mark of true wisdom and intelligence is the ability to ask good questions. When his parents tracked him down and scolded him, he replied, “Why wereContinue reading “Asking the Right Questions”