Risk, Superstition, and Trusting God in the Time of Corona

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer; Superstition ain’t the way.”—Stevie Wonder, “Superstition” The earth-shaking shift caused by the Corona virus has us all questioning anew how we manage risk as individuals, businesses and social groups. For many of us, risk management is not usually at the forefront of ourContinue reading “Risk, Superstition, and Trusting God in the Time of Corona”

We Shall Be Like Him

Humans have this little habit of taking over God’s job. The original influence for this perpetual error in judgment was Satan, the serpent Eve encountered in that lovely garden so long ago. He is the one who subverts and corrupts every good intention of Creator God by deception. He tells us that we’d better takeContinue reading “We Shall Be Like Him”

Daniel’s Tests and Ours: Part 2

Last week I shared some of the ways Daniel and his associates were tested as captives in Babylon. This week I ask how these tests parallel those that we face currently as disciples of Jesus Christ in America. We are under siege by an invisible virus at the moment, but the fact is that theContinue reading “Daniel’s Tests and Ours: Part 2”

Daniel’s Tests and Ours: Part 1

The stories of the early chapters of Daniel are captivating in plot, character, action, and scope. Lovers of God over the centuries have taken encouragement from the example set by Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In my recent reading I observed six tests put to these Hebrew youth that proved they were true and blamelessContinue reading “Daniel’s Tests and Ours: Part 1”

Safety in Rough Waters

We are all contending in our own ways with the surreal state of affairs suddenly brought on by a vicious, invisible virus. Medical experts use the best of the science available to project likely outcomes in different locations. Meanwhile, government officials at all levels scramble to do the right thing to protect their people, withContinue reading “Safety in Rough Waters”