Verbs and Adverbs to Live By

As I’ve been reading along in the Scriptures recently, I’ve come across some verb-adverb pairs that form simple statements about living a life that pleases God.

Sometimes I can be a woman of many words (as my readers may have noticed!). But I like the way the Bible sometimes condenses meanings into few words. The Hebrew and Greek languages promote this. When translators attempt to find the best match for a Hebrew or Greek word, often simpler is clearer and more accurate.

So here are a number of these verb-adverb pairings I’ve searched. They could be bumper stickers. Or cross-stitched on a quilt. I’m sure you can find more; this is only a beginning.

Put together, they could form a personal creed. They are stated in the imperative second-person tense, so you can also consider them commands to YOU from the High Commander. Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Listen carefully.

Give generously.

Act justly.

Walk humbly.

Lend freely.

Speak boldly.

Judge righteously.

Live honestly

Love fervently.

Do it….daily. (That one’s mine).

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