The Assumption of Good Will

Originally posted on Ruth E. Stitt:
Sometimes the people in our lives behave in confusing or offensive ways. Over the lifespan, each of us develops explanatory models to assist us in understanding our own and others’ behavior. These models are highly subject to error. One of these is what social psychologists label “fundamental attribution error.”…

The Glorious Tabernacle

I finished reading the book of Exodus this morning. There are so many things I am inspired to write about this book of the Bible that I hardly know what to pick as I sit here at Panera, fingers poised on keyboard. What I choose to focus on today is the story of the TabernacleContinue reading “The Glorious Tabernacle”

God is the Sorter

While ensconced in my current reading through the Gospel of Matthew, something that is popping out of the text is the idea that at the end of the age, God, with the assistance of some angels, is going to sort us out. Skeptics or deniers of the validity of the Bible and the Christian messageContinue reading “God is the Sorter”