The Clothing of Heaven

In the midst of a grand transition of my life, it has proven difficult to focus and find the right moment to write. But as I sit in this lovely bakery coffee shop and turn my attention to God’s truth, I’m right back in the Holy Spirit’s glory-filled revelation of mysteries. Today it is ColossiansContinue reading “The Clothing of Heaven”

Confession and the Pure in Heart

Originally posted on Ruth E. Stitt:
I’m so grateful that God gave us a way to stay forgiven, clean, pure, and righteous. It’s called confession. It’s ironic that what often causes the most trouble in our lives and relationships also serves as the mechanism for healing and release. It is the words we speak, our…

Strangely Warmed, Terribly Frightened, Overwhelmed by Joy

Yesterday I finished my latest reading through the gospel of Luke, this time in the New Living Translation. I enjoy this translation very much. The word choices often arrest me with new revelation and inspiration. Such was the case with Luke’s last chapter, the one that merges into Chapter 1 of the Book of Acts.Continue reading “Strangely Warmed, Terribly Frightened, Overwhelmed by Joy”