Grieving with the Head and with the Heart

This is an article I wrote on the blog in 2018, and it was also published in Sharing Magazine. It is based on John 11, the fascinating story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. But the miraculous resurrection is not my main focus; my focus is on the different ways that Jesus ministers to Martha and to Mary. We know from other stories about them that these two women have different personality styles and priorities. If you are going through any kind of grief process, I hope this will speak to you in some way and bring you comfort and reassurance that Jesus sees your need whether you’re grieving with the heart, the head, or both!

Ruth E. Stitt

I find the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead (in John 11) to be one of the most fascinating, exhilarating stories of the Gospels. Of course it is!

A beloved friend of Jesus is dead for four days, his body beginning to decompose, and Jesus calls him back to life. His friends remove his grave-clothes and he has another chance at life as a regenerated human being. This event foreshadows in Scripture the resurrection power that Jesus promises will call us back to him at the time the Father has appointed. Lazarus eventually died again but will rise again when Jesus returns. We will die once, and we who have trusted in Christ will rise with him when the trumpet sounds. These truths from the story are powerfully comforting and meaningful.

But there are other meanings to be applied from the story as well. One of theseā€¦

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