There is No Try

Originally posted on Ruth E. Stitt:
If you are a Star Wars fan, you’ll recognize this title as part of Yoda’s famous proverb: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I’m borrowing this from Yoda and applying it to how Scripture comes to life when we are faced with the hard things. One of…

Loneliness and Belonging

I wasn’t planning to write about loneliness this week. But as I was preparing to lead a couple of recovery groups, the Lord led me to it, and I became curious about how Scripture comes to life on the topic of loneliness as an aspect of human suffering. Scripture attests to–and life demonstrates in myriadContinue reading “Loneliness and Belonging”

Brothers and Sisters of Other Mothers

Originally posted on Ruth E. Stitt:
It seems like eons ago when I was preparing to be a professional jazz guitarist and vocalist. I was in college studying jazz, and it was the only music on my turntable. ?I practiced jazz tunes for hours every day. I sought out gigs of my own and live…

Stay Warm!

In previous blog essays, I have exhorted us to stay connected, stay salty, stay put, stay watchful, etc. This week, as I was reading in the Gospel of Matthew, I came across this prophecy by Jesus about the dramatic end of the age before his return, and it inspired me to consider our need toContinue reading “Stay Warm!”