Duty to Joy

As I was doing my devotional reading in 2 Corinthians and asking for new light this week, the thought that emerged was that as believers we have a duty to joy. We are to bring joyful praises to God. We are to experience joy that strengthens us in our walk with him. And we areContinue reading “Duty to Joy”

Holding on and Letting Go

(I’m sharing this from a post from way back in 2018, and it came to mind as I still experience this today–God’s tender love and patience with me as I’m still holding on to the things he wants me to eventually surrender…) Last week was trying for me, at work and at home. Nothing life-threateningContinue reading “Holding on and Letting Go”

Doors to Open or Shut

As you know if you’ve been reading my writing for any period of time, I am drawn to metaphor in a big way. This is how the Holy Spirit often communicates deep things to me, in figurative, metaphoric terms. Biblical metaphors catch my attention constantly. When I share what I’m seeing, those metaphors become partContinue reading “Doors to Open or Shut”