Our Boasting

With so much conspicuous boasting and self-promotion foist upon us in political and cultural realms and in marketing, it seemed appropriate to revisit this blog from 2019, which reminds Christians that our only cause to boast is in what Christ has done for us!

Ruth E. Stitt

I’ve been reading about the kings of Israel and Judah, and this morning came across a story about King Ahab, the king of Israel, when threatened by one of his enemies, Ben-hadad:

A warrior putting on his sword for battle should not boast like a warrior who has already won.”* In the New Living Translation this reads like a proverb that may have been common in those days, akin to the saying, “Don’t count your chickens before they have hatched.” It can be foolhardy to brag about victory before the first shot has been fired.

It got me thinking about whether it is ever appropriate for Christ-followers to boast about an outcome before we see it.

Immediately David came to mind, when he was just a boy dispatched to bring lunch and check on his older brothers at the front. As the giant Philistine Goliath taunted…

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