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In 2018, soon after graduating from seminary, I began working on a book about biblical servanthood. A pastor friend (who is also a fabulous Life Coach) encouraged me to keep working on the book, but to also start a blog. He said it would keep me motivated to produce fresh, new content every week, and would help me to find my voice and audience.

How right he was, and how thankful I am for this outlet to share my thoughts on how I see Scripture come to life week by week! It’s gratifying to hear from my readers how it ministers to them.

One of my greatest joys is reading and studying the Bible. While I do so, I believe God to give me supernatural insight I’ve never seen or heard preached before. I am a teacher at heart, so my study is driven by a desire to teach and share with others the wonderful truths he reveals. My goal is to uplift, edify, and inspire, helping others to find joy and satisfaction in their unique spiritual journeys.

Click below (in the Archives) to explore some of the many topics I’ve addressed. You can also use the Search window to find topics that may be of special interest to you.

As you read, believe that Scripture will come to life for you, too. I welcome your feedback as it does! It will help me as I prepare to publish a compilation of the best of this work later in 2022. I also plan to publish that book about servanthood shortly, offering it as a discipleship curriculum. 

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