As the deer…

I have recently been chronicling some of the changes wrought by our move to the Hill Country. One of the true blessings is looking out the back windows and seeing deer grazing. Sometimes there are just one or two, sometimes a half dozen or more. We delight that we are living so closely and harmoniouslyContinue reading “As the deer…”

The Beautiful Law of Gleaning

(This was one of the first essays I published on my blog, in April 2018. It comes back to mind during this harvest season. It shows the heart of God toward the poor, the broken, the weary, the hungry. He wants those with an abundance of material or spiritual fruit to share with others, figuratively,Continue reading “The Beautiful Law of Gleaning”

A Time for Everything

My last blog told the story of our eventful and somewhat trying transition to the Hill Country, and the outcome that made all the waiting worthwhile. Today I find myself at another moment of decision and transition, this time regarding my professional and ministry life. With so many interesting options presented to me, what toContinue reading “A Time for Everything”

The Hill Country

This has turned out to be a year for me of laying claim on some new territory, in the spiritual and the natural, in the personal and professional. My husband Rick and I have made a move from the Houston area to the beautiful hill country of central Texas, between Austin and San Antonio. WhileContinue reading “The Hill Country”

Let Us Run

I’ve never been much of a runner, though I can understand how it could become a satisfying daily habit —the endorphin rush and all. For me though, it could usually be said that if you see me running, something or someone might be chasing me, or I’m trying to get out of the rain. ButContinue reading “Let Us Run”

Believe Wholly, Teach Rightly, Live Godly, Correct as Necessary

My recent trip through the short book of Titus highlighted four simple, interwoven principles for those who would be teachers and disciple-makers in Christ’s church. Titus was a leader under Paul’s apostleship in the first century church. He was also a dear, trusted brother to Paul and became a key fellow-laborer in spreading the gospelContinue reading “Believe Wholly, Teach Rightly, Live Godly, Correct as Necessary”

Walk with the Wise

I was talking with a wise friend recently about how we choose the people in our world we allow to influence us. He reminded me of the Scripture, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” (Prov. 27:17). He explained how only iron (or I’d add, something even stronger than iron, like a diamond) can sharpenContinue reading “Walk with the Wise”

Let Us See!

There is a fabulous story found in 2 Kings 6 that captured my attention and seems so very timely. That happens a lot, doesn’t it? Elisha was a very powerful prophet in Israel at a time when the Arameans were posing a persistent threat to Israel’s national security. He was a key member of theContinue reading “Let Us See!”

God or gods?

The book of Jonah is one of my favorites. It’s got everything a great story needs: a complex, flawed protagonist, a contest of good and evil, an action-adventure, calamity, rescue, victory. Like the best of stories, it reaches a redemptive ending without tying everything up perfectly. Jonah, was supposedly God’s man of the day, aContinue reading “God or gods?”

The Clothing of Heaven

In the midst of a grand transition of my life, it has proven difficult to focus and find the right moment to write. But as I sit in this lovely bakery coffee shop and turn my attention to God’s truth, I’m right back in the Holy Spirit’s glory-filled revelation of mysteries. Today it is ColossiansContinue reading “The Clothing of Heaven”