Jesus and Children

As we celebrate the birth of Christ year after year, our senses are often flooded with sights, songs, colors, and smells that can evoke a sense of reverence and gratitude. Though it is implausible that Jesus was actually born on December 25, celebrating together at this time of year serves as a marker of theContinue reading “Jesus and Children”

What Do We Want the World to See?

Back in the late nineties, we lived in the sweet small city of Marietta, Ohio. Marietta lies at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers. It has great historical significance as the gateway city to the western expansion. The town features a broad levee where the sternwheel boats used to dock, and where theyContinue reading “What Do We Want the World to See?”

The Ministry of Angels, Part 3: Worshipers, Warriors, Witnesses

So far in this series about angels, we have looked at the angels who announced the coming of John the Baptist and Jesus, and the angels who attended Jesus after his temptation in the wilderness. We also looked broadly at the power, purposes, and roles angels play across the Bible’s narratives and prophecies. In theContinue reading “The Ministry of Angels, Part 3: Worshipers, Warriors, Witnesses”

The Ministry of Angels Part 2: Angels are Real in the Age of Grace

In my last blog, I told you that angels have never been a focus of biblical study for me. But recently I’ve done some reading and have reflected on personal experiences throughout my life that have sparked an interest. This is the second installment of three. Last time, I wrote about the intervention of angelsContinue reading “The Ministry of Angels Part 2: Angels are Real in the Age of Grace”

The Ministry of Angels, Part 1: About God’s Business

In my years of studying Scripture, I don’t recall ever taking a strong interest in angels. For reasons only the Holy Spirit fully knows, the topic of angels has caught my attention and curiosity recently. For one thing, I have traveled quite a bit, and I believe I’ve encountered angels while being lost, losing things,Continue reading “The Ministry of Angels, Part 1: About God’s Business”

The Pursuit of “Destiny”

My friend Les responded to one of my recent emails in which I asked readers to challenge me with study and blogging suggestions. He shared that he is currently pondering the concept of a person’s individual destiny in God. Do we have a distinct individual destiny that exists within our souls and is progressively revealedContinue reading “The Pursuit of “Destiny””

Judas Conspiracy/Peter Recovery

I’ve been reading the Gospel of Luke for the last few weeks and was struck by the contrast between two of Jesus’s disciples, Judas, and Peter, in the days leading up to the crucifixion. Scripture comes to life in their stories, and I believe we can apply them to our own journeys with God andContinue reading “Judas Conspiracy/Peter Recovery”

Shameless Boldness

Have you ever wondered if you’re bothering God with repeated requests for help? I have, at times. When we ask for God to intervene, and then experience what seems to be a delay in his response, we can become heartsick. We can lose patience, and even listen to the devil’s lie that God doesn’t careContinue reading “Shameless Boldness”

Blessing and Honor in Dark Times

Recently I reread the Book of Judges, and remembered how starkly it portrays the violence, apostasy, idolatry, and sexual depravity rampant in Israel at that time. The author doesn’t pull any punches.   Sadly, much of it felt quite familiar, as it in many ways resembles what we are experiencing in our current generations ofContinue reading “Blessing and Honor in Dark Times”

Servants as Intercessors

(This blog was first published in 2020, and will be part of my next book project, about the metaphor of servanthood and the actual roles of servants throughout the Bible. Intercession is one of those roles. Jesus said that the greatest among us are those who serve, and I believe we should take this seriouslyContinue reading “Servants as Intercessors”