Counselor Insights



I’ve established this page to post items and links related to counseling, psychology, mental health, and soul care. I often share concepts and stories in my blog that spring from my counseling practice or my years of teaching psychology and human development. This page is for those readers who are especially interested in that aspect of my work and writing.

I’ve been a practicing counselor since 1992. I came to the profession after doing the work of an evangelist for a season and witnessing how people are hindered in their spiritual growth by the wreckage, past and present, in their personal stories. Acquiring my professional credentials has given me the great privilege of coming alongside hurting people, acknowledging the wreckage, and walking with them to places of greater understanding, compassion, wholeheartedness, and joy. I especially like to help people discover how God redeems their suffering and loves them through it!

Please let me know if I can assist you in some way or connect you to other sources of help and hope.

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