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The Find Your Voice, Change Your Life Podcast

Doreen Downing is a psychologist with over thirty years of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. She is also the founder of Essential Speaking and is the Training Director for Speaking Circles® International.
Having experienced a fear of public speaking early in her life, Doreen found ways to overcome her fears by honoring her “essential self.” Now she is passionate about helping others to find their voices and speak confidently from their “vibrant inner spirit”.
Doreen hosts a podcast called Find Your Voice, Change Your Life, which has gained a huge following, now ranking in the top 5% of 2.8 million podcasts. This is how she describes the purpose of her podcast:

“I interview people who share how they overcame their fears about stepping up and speaking out. They each offer tips and strategies that you can apply to your own journey to find your voice and change your life.”

I was honored to appear as Doreen’s guest on the podcast, where I shared my own story of finding my voice throughout my life journey—as a creative, adventurous youth, a musician, a Christian, a therapist, a professor, and now, as an author. We spoke about times when I lost my confident voice and had to find it again.
Doreen is a highly gifted interviewer, listener, and encourager. She helped me to feel brave as I shared some personal, vulnerable parts of my story. It was a delightfully honest conversation. Learn more about Doreen and the podcast here.

Watch/listen to my interview here.

Innovative Teachers of Texas

Innovative Teachers of Texas is a newly established professional teacher organization providing an alternative for Texas teachers who find that their values and priorities may not align well with previously existing organizations. Their mission as stated on their website is:

To support teachers as individual practitioners by providing professional insurance, dialogue, and resources with which they’ll have freedom to innovate and excel, rendering excellence in American Education. (

I recently was invited to be a guest on the podcast of the organization, hosted by Bailey Baker. Because of my long background as a therapist, Bailey asked me to address questions about specific stressors teachers are facing, their most prevalent mental health challenges, the added trauma of the COVID pandemic, and the difficulties of staying true to their personal faith when working in a secular environment that may feel hostile to people of faith. We ended with some practical steps teachers can take to keep a healthy perspective when under pressure, and how to practice good self-care.

Listen to my interview here.

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