God Uses Evil for Good

I was with two other women in ministry recently, talking about how the COVID virus has impacted just about every aspect of our daily lives and ministries. Where we go, who we see, how we earn a living, how we plan our next steps. It’s been frustrating on the human level for sure. But weContinue reading “God Uses Evil for Good”

Risk, Superstition, and Trusting God in the Time of Corona

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer; Superstition ain’t the way.”—Stevie Wonder, “Superstition” The earth-shaking shift caused by the Corona virus has us all questioning anew how we manage risk as individuals, businesses and social groups. For many of us, risk management is not usually at the forefront of ourContinue reading “Risk, Superstition, and Trusting God in the Time of Corona”

Looking for Signs

We rely on signs often for various reasons. They point us in the right direction. They warn or guide. They help to keep the intersections of our complex lives and civilizations in order. The Bible is full of signs—signs in nature, signs of God’s blessing, signs of judgment, signs of the kingdom of God, signsContinue reading “Looking for Signs”