Our Boasting

I’ve been reading about the kings of Israel and Judah, and this morning came across a story about King Ahab, the king of Israel, when threatened by one of his enemies, Ben-hadad: “A warrior putting on his sword for battle should not boast like a warrior who has already won.”* In the New Living Translation thisContinue reading “Our Boasting”

Receiving Bread from Heaven

The extended narrative of Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian slavery and her journey through the wilderness is a deep, rich vein of truth to mine and apply. I’d love to teach a whole course on it, but for now, I will draw your attention, dear reader, to the story of the manna found in Exodus 16.Continue reading “Receiving Bread from Heaven”

As Usual

I came across a most striking passage about the prophet Daniel this week. An exiled youth from Israel, he quickly rose in the ranks of Babylon to become one of King Darius’ top administrators. He made the other bureaucrats look bad because of his excellent skills and impeccable character. They couldn’t find any malfeasance withContinue reading “As Usual”

Faith and Common Sense

“Faith in antagonism to common sense is fanaticism, and common sense in antagonism to faith is rationalism. The life of faith brings the two into right relation.” (Oswald Chambers) This is worth a thought or two, and even better, an application to the lives we live. Having been a Christ-follower for 35 years, I’ve beenContinue reading “Faith and Common Sense”